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BellHawkRx Product Line

Base Systems Flow of Events

MTS  Materials Tracking System: From $230/Month per Organization. MTS Performs Barcode Inventory  Tracking.  MTS tracks raw, work-in-process, intermediate, and finished inventory using license-plate-number (LPN) container tracking methods. Also tracks individually barcoded and/or serialized items, assets and loose (non-barcoded) materials. Tracks location of each barcoded item or container in real-time in multiple facilities at multiple geographic locations. Also tracks quantity of materials in each container plus lot and serial numbers, as well as expiration dates. Tracks materials in nested containers, such as serialized items in boxes, on a pallet. Also handles simple receiving and shipping.

RT-OPS Real-Time Operations Tracking System: From $450/month per Organization. RT-OPS is a comprehensive materials tracking and traceability system that is especially suitable for small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors of food, pharmaceutical, and supplements. as well as medical devices and supplies.  RT-OPS integrates the features of both MTS and SPTS and adds many more features such as BOM and Recipe tracking. RT-OPS tracks the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their transformation through a sequence of production operations into intermediate and then finished products, and then their packing and shipping, in real-time.

Optional Modules

Add the optional Warehouse Management System bundle for $150/Month to MTS or RT-OPS and you have a comprehensive set of  features for industrial warehouse management, including the distribution of medical, pharmaceutical, and food products.

BellHawkRx also has Twelve Optional Modules plus Four IIOT Appliance Options, enabling BellHawkRx to be tailored to the specific needs of each client.

In addition there are a number of pre-configured Bundles for Industry Specific Applications.

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