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BellHawk DEX Box Automated Data Exchange Appliance

DEX Box Appliance Flow

The BellHawkRx DEXBox is an IIOT appliance that is intended to make it easy to exchange data with BellHawkRx from within a plant or facility.

Uses of the DEXBox include:

  1. Exchanging data with an ERP or accounting system
  2. Generating custom reports using software such as Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, or SSRS based on data from the BellHawk database.
  3. Exchanging data with EDI and shipping systems

Within the DEXBox there is a DEX database with a set of tables that can be written and read by client systems running on the same local area network as the DEXbox.

Once data is written into the tables in the DEX database, this data will be automatically transferred to BellHawkRx via its BellHawk's web-services interface.

The DEX Data Exchange process also remotely monitors tables in the BellHawk database, looking for new entries. It then writes this data into tables in the DEX database, as events occur in the BellHawk database:

These entries can then be picked up and transferred to other systems, as needed.

The automatic transfer of data is based on entries in a separate control database within the DEXBox. By plugging a monitor and keyboard into the DEXBox, users can setup how often each transfer takes place and at what time of day. They can also monitor the data transfers in case any errors occur.

Once the transfers are setup, the transfer of data will take place automatically at the designated times. This does not require a monitor or keyboard to be plugged into the DEXBox. The DEXBox can be setup to send Email warnings to an IT person, if problems occur with data transfers.

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