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Data Sheets for BellHawkRx Systems

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BellHawkRx Overview

BellHawk Pricing Data Sheet

BellHawk Optional Modules

BellHawk IIOT Boxes

Base Systems

MTS License Plate Materials, Inventory, Work-in-Process, and Asset Tracking System

RT-OPS Real-Time Operations Tracking System

Manufacturing Options

Equipment/Line Tracking Option

Work Center Scheduling

Warehouse Management System Options

Purchase Order Receiving

Ship Orders

Warehouse Picking

Kit Picking

Shipping Dock Option

Inventory Auditing Module

Materials Traceability Options

Quality Control

Materials Traceability Module

Operations Management Options

Project Tracking

Available Inventory Prediction

Demand-Driven Materials Planning

Add on Bundles

WMS Warehouse Management System

Industry Bundles

MTTS Materials Tracking and Traceability System

FPTS Food Processing Tracking System

POTTS Pharmaceuticals Operations Tracking and Traceability System

BellHawk IIOT Appliances

BLPA BellHawk IIOT Barcode Label Printing Appliance

Weigh Box BellHawk IIOT Automated Weighing Scale Interface Appliance

DEX Box BellHawk IIOT Automated Data Exchange Appliance

RFID Box BellHawk IIOT RFID Interface Appliance