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BellHawkRx GS1 Compliant Barcode and RFID Compliant Tracking Solutions

GS1 Compliant Barcode Tracking

Most small and mid-sized manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, and distributors who do repacking and relabeling of products typically exist in the middle of a supply chain. As part of this, they are required to apply labels at the product, carton, and pallet levels that are compliant with the requirements of their customers.

Increasingly this means applying barcode labels that are compliant with GS1 (Global Standard One) standards, which ensures that the products are correctly identified in the supply chain and where needed are uniquely identified on a world-wide basis.

This includes attaching GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number, SSCC (serialized shipping container barcodes) and specialized barcodes such as that used for uniquely identifying pharmaceuticals at the dispensing unit level with a 2D composite GS1 barcodes.

Through its BLPA (Barcode Label Printing Appliance) IIOT box, BellHawkRx is able to generate GS1 compliant barcodes on a wide variety of barcode label printers. This includes tracking and issuing unique serial numbers for those labels that require these for unique identification.

BellHawkRx is also able to scan and decode GS1 composite barcodes, thus eliminating the need for separately entering the data contained in the multiple fields of these GS1 compliant composite barcodes.

Because of its embedded AI rules, BellHawkRx is able to automatically generate the correct GS1 compliant labels for different customers, products, and packaging without an operator needing to choose the correct label. Also BellHawk automatically populates the data fields on its label. This helps prevent many labeling errors which could otherwise result in rejection of shipments to customers or their distribution centers.

As part of its label generation capabilities, BellHawkRx captures the labels and related product data for each level of packaging. This can then be sent as Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) data to customers and their distribution centers by EDI or other means.

BellHawkRx, through its BLPA, can also encode composite barcode labels with GS1 compliant embedded RFID tags, and then track these using the BellHawk RFIDBox IIOT appliance.

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