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BellHawkRx for Tracking the Distribution and Repackaging of Medical Supplies

Industrial Distribution

BellHawkRx provides FDA compliant tracking and traceability solutions for the distribution and repackaging of medical supplies, devices, pharmaceuticals and biologics.

BellHawkRx tracks the receipt and put-away of individual containers of medical supplies by lot number and expiration date. It can also track the receipt of serialized instruments and containers of pharmaceuticals.

BellHawkRx tracks the repackaging and relabeling of pharmaceuticals and other supplies, including automatically generating  GS1 compliant product labels, such as for compliance with the Drug Supply Chain  Safety Act (DSCSA).

BellHawkRx also tracks the picking, packing and shipping of materials to end customers or other distribution organizations. This enables BellHawkRx to maintain a complete end-to-end traceability record, for use in  the event of a recall.

BellHawkRx is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant and so can be validated in FDA cGMP applications, such as repackaging pharmaceuticals.

The BellHawkRx software is ideal for use in medical distribution centers where:

BellHawkRx includes the capability for monitoring the loading of trailers to ensure that the correct materials get loaded on each trailer. BellHawk can generate packing lists, bills of lading and electronic manifests at the completion of loading. BellHawk can be integrated with shipping systems, such as those for UPS and FedEx, as well as with supply chain management systems. BellHawk can also generate advanced shipment notice data, for delivery by EDI software.

BellHawkRx can support the integration of multiple distribution centers over the Internet. This enables customer orders to be sent to BellHawk and then pick orders printed out at the distribution centers that have the materials in stock. BellHawk enables the status of inventory and customer orders to be monitored at all the distribution centers from anywhere on the network and provides a single point of integration with the client's ERP system.

BellHawkRX also collects EPCIS data and can deliver this in a variety for formats to respositories as well as upstream supply chain organizations.

Please click on the following link to learn more about BellHawkRx's Warehouse Management System Capabilities.