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Biotechnology Applications of BellHawk

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The BellHawk software has been used for a diversity of biotechnology applications including tracking the testing of DNA samples and the making of reagents for use in oncology research.

In each case these systems have made extensive use of barcode scanning and mobile computing to ensure accurate capture of laboratory data, including who performed each operation, the equipment used and its parameters, as well as ensuring that samples and test reagents are stored under correct temperature and humidity conditions.

BellHawk can be used in conjunction with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), typically within lager organizations or can be used stand-alone for smaller applications. It can also be integrated with automated test and process equipment to automate data capture.

The big benefit that BellHawk confers is the elimination of the use of paper forms and subsequent manual keyboard data entry which can result in data capture errors. Because data is captured at point of action, technicians can be immediately warned if they use the wrong materials, or if those materials have not passed quality inspection or are past their expiration dates. They are also warned immediately if they make data capture mistakes so as to ensure accurate records are kept.

BellHawk provides end-to-end traceability of the processing of samples and the chemicals used, including all quality assurance tests made, to ensure that correct cGMP processes are made. As part of this BellHawk captures electronic traceability history records to ensure that the source of any issues can be rapidly investigated and, if needed, defective materials recalled or results rapidly corrected.

BellHawk is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant and so can be validated in a wide range of FDA regulated applications. It then helps ensure that the validated processing procedures are followed including, where needed, that appropriately qualified personnel do specific operations and that the correct equipment is used.

BellHawk is available at an affordable cost on a subscription basis, in the Cloud, through our BellHawkRx service making it especially suitable for suitable for smaller biotechnology organizations and laboratories. BellHawk is also available on a rental basis for installation in a larger organization's own data center.

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